Final Assignment

Mom & Dad Smile

Dad BBQing

Little Brother Sleeping

Little Sister Wink

Look From Older Brother


Older Brother Blinking

Little Brother

Little Sister

Little Brother


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Final Blog Questions

My use of a camera workflow hasn’t really changed very much throughout the semester. I get my workflow from my film major and it carries over, at least in my case, to still photos just fine. For either video or stills I use my Nikon D5100 to take the photos. Then I transfer them onto my laptop into a folder that describes the even in general. What has changed is I know go into Bridge while I do this and add meta tags for location, persons, etc in the photos. This I have found helps me do generic searches later for a person or place. After they are on my computer and sorted, I back them up to my external drive that has all my videos and pictures fro the past 5 years on it. Once everything is backed up I go through and pick the pictures I want to upload straight to facebook and the ones I want to edit. I usually edit the pictures in Photoshop, unless they are for a video the I use After Effects. After I edit the pictures I usually upload them to an art or photo sharing website like DeviantART or Flickr. I used to have my DSLR always on my, but I recently got an iPhone and find that camera good enough for snap shots.

Growing up in such a photo filled world I think the thing that hit me the most about this class is how pictures weren’t always so popular. It’s crazy to think that up until rather recently (past 50 years or so) pictures were rare. Also it is interesting to think that my snapshots on some website like Flickr can be used by someone to make a larger art piece. I don’t think I ever realized that people did that. I did know people would Photoshop pictures for fun and post them online, but I never thought and art piece would be made like that.

I liked the groups that we had to get into. A few years ago I probably would have disliked the idea of meeting outside class, but taking film classes has made me almost expect to work with others outside of class to just get the bare minimum done. Also assigning us groups helps us meet people that we may never talk to otherwise. In big classes one of the problems is you don’t get to know very many of the students in it. This sort of fixes that issue a little. I enjoyed the 24 hour assignment and seeing just how many photos are around us everywhere, even though I found a lot more graphic designs.¬† I also liked making a photo book with my own pictures. I had never even thought to do that before.

I think that this class has some ideas that are a little too complex for a lower division class. I had a hard time grasping some of the things about family and children. I also think the class is too big. If it was smaller I think everything would have made more sense, and you wouldn’t get as many students who completely¬† miss certain assignments/concepts. I also think that the due dates need to be shown more clearly. There were a couple of assignments with conflicting due dates on different handouts. Maybe a calender on your blog that everyone could see would help.

TBC… questions not posted yet.

This is the first blog I have ever made. I have always tried to stay away from them. I thought they were weird and self serving. Now that I have actually made one I might continue on and make my own for personal use for films or what have you. It’s been a great semester, enjoy your break…

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Photobomber Manifesto

Found this on CollegeHumor Written by Alex Watt

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Week 15

I tried to make sort of more generic project, because I thought that that would be an easier thing for other people to grasp. In that I believe I didn’t exactly succeed in this project because as our professor said, sometimes the more specif that thing is, the more people will respond to it. Also based off of the professors comments my narration of the pictures made it more personal and therefore made it a better project. To rework this project I could go in one of two directions. First is to just create a short video montage that I narrate. I actually almost did this idea to begin with, but I absolutely despise hearing my own voice, and did not want to present something where I had to listen to my voice over a speaker for a few minutes. However I see how this could make the project better, and would add to its presentation. The other idea I could do is a book that has a running story throughout. This would add the the more personal aspect of the project, and let me skip the whole problem of listening to my voice. However I believe the book is less personal and it would lose something if I went that route. This was a very different project and is something that I had never really thought of before. This added to the difficulty of the project, and I believe it showed. Looking back at the project, even though I was going for a broader connection to begin with, I think the idea of making is more personal to get to more people is waht I should have tried to begin with. If I had done that some of the pictures would have changed a little and it would have made the finished product that much better.

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Amazing light.

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Week 14

Group 1: Collin’s project was a video slideshow that showed his transition from his family to his new family of friends out her in Arizona. All of the newer pictures were pictures that were taken for Facebook, and you can tell by the people posing. Caution there are UofA students in this slideshow.

Group 2: Nicole created a picture of her grandparents using a mosaic of other family photographs. It was a different ad interesting idea, and I would like to see the physical copy to e able to tell the details better.

Group 3: Elite made an address book. It took every letter from A-Z and she gave it a word that corresponded to her family and put pictures to it. It ended up being a little political, but whenever you make something that personal some personal feelings and political will come out of it.

Group 4: Ade created a short digital video of three dysfunctional families he enjoys. While it played like an add I enjoyed it, but I wish that it was longer, and had more families included.

Group 5: Ashley created a series of ironic holiday cards. They showed what is behind the mask of the “fake” family holiday cards and portraits. They were an interesting idea, but a few were too intentional and I wish she had more subtle ones.

Group 6: Andrew’s project had groups of photos together. He decided to do this because families are usually made up of more then one person, and he felt it would have more impact if the pictures were the same way. It was an interesting idea and felt like looking through a scrapbook.

Group 8: Amy decided to take the staged family photos to a new level and mimicked the family photos with objects that were similar is shape, size and color to the people in the original portrait.

Group 9: Marideth created a set of 3 grey-scaled family photos that were sentimental to her. She then framed them in these plaster pillows that make them look that much more important.

Group 10: Janelle created a humorous book on how to survive her rather dysfunctional family. The narrative and the framing of the pictures as Polaroids made the project feel polished and well thought out. It looked like something I could buy in a bookstore.

Group 11: Christine created a Halloween themed book. It showed the patterns of how the family took pictures of their kids costumes each year. It also showed patterns in locations and decorations that would be missed is you looked at the images away from this context.


Amy’s idea of the objects to replace the people in the staged family photos was very unique and inventive. I would have never thought of something like that. The fact that the object were similar to the people in the portraits also added to this project and made it seem like it was completely thought through. All the object also related to each other, adding to the odd sense of family that the photos were based off of.

As far as presentation I wish that she made it so you could see both the original and the object filled pictures at the same time. At first she didn’t even have the pictures in order, but computers like to rearrange things when we aren’t looking. It is however an interesting take on family and the traditional family photo that hides what is actually happening. It takes the mask off the photos and shows them for what they are, absurd.

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Family Assignment: Tour of My House.

Road to my childhood home.

Room enough in the garage for a car; that never hapens.


My litle brother plays on this hoop everyday, no matter the weather.

Our entryway...

Welcome in.

Hall of family photos.

My old room... well at least untill my mom got ahold of it.

Sleepless nights...


My little sister and here pancakes.

Family meals.

Do I have to do the dishes?

Our tree house, untill a tree crushed the roof in.

Tire Swing.

I swear theres a dog here.

Can't leave home untill we have a good ol' fashioned Santa Maria BBQ!